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What are Latex Pillows?

As the name suggests, latex pillows are made using latex foams, which can either be natural or synthetic latex. Both synthetic latex and natural latex pillows share several similar characteristics. However, synthetic latex and natural latex pillows are far apart in terms of durability and quality.

Natural latex is made from the milky sap harvested from a rubber tree. This sap from the rubber tree undergoes several processing methods to convert the liquid into solid material. Because it is natural (deriving from the rubber tree), this type of latex is organic, and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

Manufacturers also promote safe and sustainable production by selecting sustainably grown, harvested, and processed latex. As a result, most latex pillows are certified as safe for both the environment and consumers.

On the other hand, synthetic latex is an artificially manufactured foam made using petroleum-based compounds to create Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR). This rubber mimics the properties of natural latex, but doesn’t match its quality. It also has a shorter lifespan, and the chemicals used cause unpleasant off-gassing odors. Therefore, if you’re sensitive to smell, choose the organic and chemical-free natural latex pillow instead of the synthetic latex.

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